"The San Francisco indie-pop band French Cassettes deal in short, compact bursts of guitar-slathered joy that instantly elevate the mood of the room; if the Strokes traveled back in time and recorded a younger, tighter prequel to Is This It, it would neatly resemble French Cassettes’ latest full-length, Gold Youth. " 



"On its debut full-length, Gold Youth, the band churns out quick-and-dirty pop music, reminiscent of early albums by The Morning Benders and Generationals.. They're infectiously catchy"

- East Bay Express


"French Cassettes represent the best of San Francisco's current indie-rock scene. The Sunset's French Cassettes make highly danceable, infectious indie-pop similar to what Voxtrot used to put out."

- SF Weekly


"After you listen to a few tracks, you’ll find this group popping into your head when you least expect it."

- Wild Honey Pie


"San Francisco-based quartet French Cassettes have prepped an album’s worth of welcoming and warmly upbeat indie pop that’s proving to be the perfect counterbalance to the cold Winter weather. Built on strong melody, big harmonies, tumbling guitar riffs and anchored by a steady, crashing rhythm"

- Turntable Kitchen


"There’s no shame in the merriment."

- SF Bay Guardian


"Disconcertingly catchy melodies and perfect guitar riffs" 

"Brimming with charisma.. Simply the man can sing his ass off"

- Bay Bridged

“One of those bands you just pine for more material from.” 

-Adrian Spinelli (KQED, Paste, SF Gate)

"Channeling the unexpected, from Grizzly Bear to the Jackson 5."

- The Owl Mag


"I remember the exact song. It was "Manta Ray" by the Pixies. I want to say I was somewhere around 11. I was blown away. It was coming out of my grandma's dinky computer speakers, and it was still the best thing I'd heard 'til then. It was when he sang the first "Oo, oo, Oo oo, yeah" line that I got these internal chills. I decided that I wanted to do that. I wanted to make something that makes people feel that."

- SF Gate interview with Scott on the Pixies.